Shadow fighter

Category: Action games

  • A dark warrior with the power of superhero comes to protect world peace.
  • Your mission will be a superhero character fighting for peace, against the dark forces, conspiring to destroy peaceful life and invade the Earth.
  • The game brings you true battles, rich emotions between superhero warriors and monsters.

Ninja Fight

Category: Action games

  • You will become a powerful ninja in the game.
  • The super hero Ninja will fight the evil forces including monsters, zombies, demons to protect the villagers.
  • You can enjoy great effects in the game, experience the game with many levels.

Bubble shooter

Category: Puzzle Games

  • Bubble shooter is a classic shooting ball game, fun, easy to play, nice graphics and addictive.
  • In the game, there will be hundreds of puzzles, with different difficulty levels, you will have to overcome challenges by exploding balls, solving puzzle and earning prizes in the game.
  • This game, aiming to train the skill of careful calculation, agility and goal achievement.

Basketball 3D

Category: Sports Games

  • Attractive and best 3D basketball game for mobile phones.
  • The game is designed with beautiful 3D graphics and vivid sound.
  • Simple gameplay, requires skillful moves to compete with your opponent and put the ball into the basket.
  • Quickly train hands and subtle judgment to conquer the game.